DOG AROMATHERAPY: Humidifier with Aroma Diffuser | Relieve Dog Stress

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  • RUBY DOO RECOMMENDS: For general dog anxiety, regular daily use is advisable.

  • DOG AROMATHERAPY: This ultrasonic aroma diffuser will stimulate the 300 olfactory receptors in your dog’s nose. When used with lavender oil it will create a beautiful, smelling mist that will lift your dog’s mood and relieve their stress.
  • AUTOMATIC TIMER: You can pick from three timer options: constant, 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours.

  • LED LIGHTS: A neat perk feature is that it has 7 LED color lights that change with two brightness settings. You can choose from a constant color mode or automatic change mode.
  • LARGE CAPACITY & SAFE: It has a capacity of 400ml which means that the mist will last 6.5 hours in intermittent mode or 3.5 hours in constant mode and will automatically shut off when the water runs low. You can leave it on while you’re away from your dog and feel safe that it will shut off on its own.
  • QUIET AND PEACEFUL: an Extremely quiet and energy-efficient design for peace of mind.
  • RUBY DOO GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied with the humidifier or need to ask for a replacement please contact us by email at or send us a message in the chatbox. We’re happy to send you a replacement for a nominal fee.

Have you ever been completely stressed out or anxious and then experienced the calming effects of aromatherapy? Well, aromatherapy is even more effective for dogs. Scientists say that a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than humans.

This is why when your dog is feeling stressed out or anxious, the therapeutic use of lavender oil can be a very calming tool for them. Aromatherapy can help with separation anxiety by relieving their stress in a natural way.


- Make sure to keep humidifier away from your dog's reach

- Use a mild detergent to clean the humidifier regularly

- Never fill the water over the max line

- Don't turn on the humidifier when there is no water in the tank