The Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for Every Kind of Dog 2019

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  • RUBY DOO RECOMMENDS: For dogs who eat too quickly or too much. We guarantee that the bowl will keep your dog engaged at mealtime for at least 6 times longer.

  • ANTI-CHOKE SLOW FEEDER BOWL: Since the design forces your dog to eat slower you prevent your dog from choking, regurgitating or vomiting. Can be used with dry or wet food.

  • NON-TOXIC & ECO-FRIENDLY- Made from high-quality BPA material that's easy to clean (top rack dishwasher safe). The non-skid design stops the food bowl from moving around.
  • VARIETY OF DESIGNS: Any of the 3 special designs will pique your dog’s interest and make mealtime more challenging, fun and promote intellectual development. The vibrant colors also help to draw your dog’s attention.

  • PREVENT OBESITY: By slowing down your dog’s eating you make sure that they don’t overeat and also helps prevent bloating and other gastrointestinal diseases.
  • ADDITIONAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Promotes using facial muscles which increases metabolism and enhances your dog's intelligence.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Can bring it with you while traveling.
  • DO NOT LET DOG CHEW: Please keep an eye on your dog while eating to make sure they don’t use the bowl as a chew toy.
  • SIZE: Small bowl: approx.22cmx22cmx6cm/8,66”x8,66”x2,36''; Large bowl: approx.29,8cmx29,8cmx7 cm/11,73”x11,73”x2,76''
  • RUBY DOO GUARANTEE: Not satisfied with the bowl? No problem! Contact us by email at or send us a message in the chat box.

Does your dog eat too much or too fast? Look no further for a solution. The Slow GOBBLER guarantees that your dog’s mealtime is increased by at least 6 times. Choose from 3 designs that will make your dog healthier and have more fun. Veterinarian approved!